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NGU Theatre offers the BA in Theatre, the BA Interdisciplinary Degree in Musical Theatre and the Minor in Theatre. Click the links to the right to download information about these programs and to learn more about our facilities, our faculty, our current students and our graduates.

Fall 2013 news:

NGU Theatre is adding a new discipline track: Applied Theatre. This field will prepare students to work in a variety of contexts including theatre for marginalized groups (the homeless, people in recovery, seniors, at risk youth, etc), theatre for social change and community activism, theatre in ministry and theatre in education. Graduates from this track are prepared for further studies in psychology (toward a Registered Drama Therapist certificate for example), seminary (for ministry), social work, counseling, education or advanced theatre studies (MFA, MA or PhD). This new track compliments our existing Performance and Design tracks.

In addition we have added a new course in Stage Management, 2 new courses in musical theatre dance techniques, and 2 new applied theatre courses.


NGU Theatre is committed to the following goals for the students who graduate with a theatre major:

  • Demonstrate vocal & physical abilities to communicate dramatic texts.

  • Research theatrical history using library materials, databases, & resources

  • Develop a Christian perspective on culture and morality as they pertain to scripts and productions

  • Demonstrate ability to collaborate with and lead other theatre practitioners in order to develop conceptual ideas for productions.

  • Produce professional quality theatre resumes and/or portfolios and demonstrate competent interview techniques
  • Demonstrate basic theatre tool and technical skill knowledge in order to physically mount or run a production. 


The NGU Theatre Department recognizes the need for outstanding students to receive monetary help with their education. The purpose of theatre scholarships is to 1) provide financial assistance to students majoring in theatre and 2) provide skilled workers in the theatre department.

Scholarships vary in amount and are evaluated and renewed, increased or decreased each year in March/April for the next academic year.

Scholarship amounts are for one year and are applied to the student’s account (½ in the fall and ½ in the spring).

Students may apply for a scholarship as entering freshmen or in any spring semester as they progress through the degree program.

It is possible to receive a scholarship in a track without being a major with that particular track. Requirements may differ for students who are in the track and for those who are not.


Senior Projects are on campus production jobs which present the student's experiences and interests to the public.


The NGU Theatre Internship is designed to provide the junior/senior theatre major with professional experience in an off-campus setting.  A student must have completed a theatre practicum sequence of six credits (2 freshman level, 2 sophomore level and 2 junior level) to begin the internship.  An internship may be completed in the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters.  Students are encouraged to carry 13 or fewer credit hours in addition to the two-credit internship. Only one Internship course may be taken in any given semester.